Moira Fraser Steele

About Moira Fraser Steele MA V&A/RCA 

Moira Fraser Steele has a Masters degree in the History of Art and Design and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Her career embraced the design world, culminating in her appointment as a Director of The Design Council, a post she held for more than seven years.

Moira believes that it is as a consequence of this training and background that she approaches her work graphically with a particular focus on shape and form.


She is a former student of The Royal College of Art where she was taught by Sir Christopher Frayling – Rector of the RCA and later Chairman of the Art’s Council and by Charles Saumarez-Smith – Director of the Royal Academy.


  • Deputy Director of The Chartered Society of Designers – CSD
  • Director of The Industry Lead Body for Design – ILBD
  • Director at the Design Council in London until retirement. I also worked on many other projects during my time at the Design Council.
  • Royal Society of Art – RSA – Committee for the development of ideas for the celebration of their 200 year anniversary.
  • On the interior design committee for the re-design of the RSA library area. 
  • A judge for the RSA Student Design Awards
  • A lecture tour in China for The British Council, to advise on the UK’s Design and Technology curriculum
  • Education Department – member of Lord Puttnam’s committee on Developing Creativity in Education
  • Member of the Council for Higher Education in Art & Design – CHEAD
  • Advisor and visitor to the Government of Mauritius to develop courses for a further education college in their country and to establish accreditation for them
  • An Inspector of FE colleges for the Further Education Funding Council

She ran on behalf of the Design Council with Essex County Council Education Department a development – called ‘Touching the Earth Lightly’ of an environmentally sustainable primary school which was designed built at Notley Garden Village. This informed government’s ‘Movement for Innovation’ as a demonstration of environmentally sensitive construction.


Moira was the recipient in 2013 of the Society of East Anglian Watercolour Society President's Award and in 2017 the East Anglian Watercolourist Tindall's Award.

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